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Learn British Sign Language

We offer two classes in British Sign Language one during the day and one after school. These classes are  designed to help you learn some basics of British Sign Language. We open our classes to families and the wider community so that anyone who is excited by the idea of to learning to sign can come and begin that journey. The classes are small in size to allow you to learn at your own pace with the support of our BSL tutor.


If you would like to come to either class please use the contact forms below.

Community and Family Sign Classes (After School)

  • When: Wednesday 3.45pm to 4.30pm, meet at the school office
  • Where: Centre 3 at Royal Hill Campus, SE10 8RZ


Your children are welcome and can play the rear of the classroom while you learn. Although this is a pre-level 1 course, it follows a curriculum provided by our BSL instructor and of course you may have sessions you cannot come to but the greatest benefit is felt by attending regularly each week.


If you would like to come along - please complete the form below 

Community and Family Sign Class - Wednesday after school

A beginners session to learn British Sign Language. Wednesday 3.45pm at Royal Hill

Friday Morning Sign Class

Community and Family Sign Classes (Day time)

Day: Friday

Time: 10 – 11.30

Location: Music Room at Randal Place (for the first three months) and then we move to the Training Room Randall Place of the rest of the year.

Randall Place Campus, SE10 9LA -  Sign in at the school office



This class is a twelve week long informal BSL course is initially aimed at parents and family members of deaf children. However we welcome anyone who wishes to learn this amazing language! We recommend that you commit to the full twelve weeks; this give you the greatest benefit and this enables the teacher to work with the whole group and move the learning forward but also helps us to plan and resource each week.

Do you have children? Are you worried you cannot come along because there is no one to care for them? Well don’t worry! This community class runs alongside our baby club Funky Finger run by deaf adults with a signed sing along included; your child will be well cared for.


If you would like to come along - please complete the form below 

Community and Family Sign Class - Friday Morning

This class runs during on a Friday morning from 10am until 11.30am