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Welcome to the website of James Wolfe Primary School.

Keeping Children Safe

Safeguarding statement 

As a caring organisation with direct responsibility for children, our first concern must be the welfare of every child in our care.  There may be occasions when we have to consult with other agencies even before we contact parents, particularly in relation to child protection concerns.  Should this be necessary, then we will ensure that we speak to parents about any concerns that we have raised at an appropriate time.  The procedures we follow form part of our statutory duty and have been issued by the Greenwich Safeguarding Children board.  If you would like to know more about these procedures, please speak to the Head of Randall Place or Royal Hill. 

Physical chastisement at home 

We have been asked by the safeguarding board to share the letter below about the use of physical chastisement in the home. 


The law states that parents must not use physical chastisement that causes a mark, uses an implement or includes a prolonged stress position.


If any parent would like to discuss any concerns they have about managing behaviour at home, please contact the school and we will arrange for a confidential conversation to explore possible strategies. 

Safeguarding Policy

The school safeguarding policy and relationship policy (with antibullying policy) can be found on our policies page.