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Welcome to the website of James Wolfe Primary School.

Learning about Money

Learning about money is always good fun, we have been exploring money in maths and took the opportunity to spend some money in Greenwich.

First we went to the bakery and picked something from the counter.

We all looked in Miss Field's purse and looked at all the money that was in there, we looked at different coins and read the numbers on the front, we talked about the size, shape and colour of the coins.

When we got to the ice cream stand there were no coins left so we got to look at paper money, we touched the money and looked at the amount and the pound sign on them.


We had to show the shop assistants what we wanted some of use used our voices, some used our signing and we also used pointing, and head shaking or nodding and facial expressions to show what we did and did not want. We all remembered to say thank you!

Here are some of the money signs we used.